CD Earth FAQ’s

We understand that there may be some questions that you have that you cannot immediately find the answer to on our site. That is why we created this cdearth faq.

    1. Why do you offer free CDs?
      -It is our way to say thank you for trying out our software library and to get our name out there. We know that you are going to like what we have to offer, all we want is a chance to show you. That is the reason we offer free CDs.
    2. Do you sell my info?
      – The information we collect is used solely to process orders for our own information. We will NEVER sell your information or put you on any third party mailing list.
    3. How is my information protected?
      – When our order form asks users to enter sensitive information, that information is encrypted using Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) – that is the highest level of encryption available. All personal information you enter is encrypted so you never have to worry about your personal information being available to a third party.
    4. Do I have to buy anything to get free CDs?
      -No, that is something you get for trying out our service. There is no obligation, no strings attached, all you pay is the $2.96 shipping and handling costs.
    5. How do I cancel?
      -You can cancel via our customer service representatives at or visit
    6. If I cancel, do I have to return the free CDs?
      -No, that is our gift to you for trying out our service. You keep the two free full-version software CDs without any obligation on your side.
    7. Who should I contact if I have questions about my order?
      -You can always reach our friendly customer service representatives via e-mail at, or if you would prefer to talk to someone directly, you can reach them on the following phone numbers.

US/Canada: 1-866-789-0369

Global: 1-647-258-8318

  1. Will I receive spam or constant e-mails if I sign up?
    -Simply put – NO! We hate spam as much as you do. This why we only e-mail you what you have specifically requested.
  2. How often will you send me software if I sign up?
    -Not only is it frustrating to have something new to try out every week or even every month, but you also would not get the most out of your trial with the software. That is why we only send you something approximately every seven weeks.
  3. How much software do you send me if I sign up?
    -We do not believe in sending you countless pieces of software. we will send you four pieces of software we believe you would absolutely love. If you do not, you can always send it back.
  4. After I receive my order, how long do I have to evaluate it?
    – You have 25 days to send back the software if you decide it is not for you, those 25 days start when you receive your order.
  5. Can I cancel at anytime or do I have a subscription with CD Earth?
    -You can cancel at anytime, this means you do not have to worry about subscriptions or anything of the sort.
  6. Where can I get the latest news on the newest releases for CD Earth?
    -You can find all the latest news regarding new releases and special offers on
  7. Do your low prices mean you offer qualitatively poor software?
    -On the contrary! We have award-winning software for sale! Because we do business directly with our customers without going through intermediaries, you can save 80% off the store price for similar software products.
  8. Can I return CDs after the trial offer ends?
    – Because of this trial offer we cannot accept returns after the trial ends, but do keep in mind you have 25 days to try the software.
  9. Do I have to have a minimum required purchase to be eligible?
    – There is no minimum required purchase to be eligible

If there are questions we did not answer in this cdearth faq please do not hesitate to contact our customer service at any time to get the answer to your questions.

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2 Responses to CD Earth FAQ’s

  1. MJ Hassell says:

    I purchased Greatest CARD GAMES from you a couple of years ago. I now have new computer and cannot download it. Do you have a 64-bit /Windows compatible version available? I love the bridge game on this disk.

  2. I downloaded the OPEN OFFICE SUITE. how can I get to write a document? what do I press to get there so I can enter words?

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